New Homepage launching soon!

The preparation of the new Frontiers Norden homepage is going according to plan, and will be ready to be launched at the end of October. We have asked our media officer, Tone, what we can expect.

-We are developing a homepage which will be much more user friendly for our non-Norwegian visitors. When it is launched at the end of October, it will be in Norwegian only, apart from a tab in English which will advise those who prefer English to visit Frontiers UK’s homepage. But by the end of 2017, we endeavour to add complete Finnish and Swedish language versions. This will probably be the most striking feature of our new homepage, once these two language versions are up and running. In the future we may also add Danish, and possibly even Icelandic!

Tone says the visual impression will be very fresh and colourful, and continues: – We will be using high standard and nice pictures, and an appealing design. The blog will also be «special»: They will be published in different Nordic languages, and we plan to make it possible to ask to see only the blogs in one of the languages at a time. So, let’s say, if you are a Finnish visitor, you would probably be interested in reading the Finnish language blogs, without having to scan through lots of blogs in all the other languages.

-Please invite your friends and contacts to take a look once the new version is launched!

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